First Impression Post: Stress

My current stress management game plan relies entirely on having free time to exercise. The night before a big exam, presentation, or project, I typically like to go for a long run in a new place or lift very heavily before studying and going to bed. Exercising works well for me as stress relief because it helps to remind myself that there are other things to channel my mental energy into when one class seems to be draining my mind. Rather than continue to cram or stress out about a test or assignment, I take a break from that information and give my attention to whatever exercise I’m doing. Since directing your body’s movement is not mentally draining like schoolwork can be, I can typically come back to the important information later with more energy.

Since I exercise daily, I don’t really depend on any other stress management activity. I do however like the idea of writing in a journal each day; I think that’s a great way to organize and clarify your thoughts and feelings when they seem overwhelming. Having a regular schedule and routine would also be a good way to help manage my stress since I don’t stay on campus for the entire day and am often driving to different engagements. Eating healthily with less sugar intake would help reduce my stress significantly as well.


One thought on “First Impression Post: Stress

  1. I really like the way you handle stress, as exercise is fantastic not only for retaining information, but it does leave you more energized to go back into studying. You take a break from using mental energy to use physical energy as an exchange, so when you’re done, you have mental energy once again. Studying is always best when done in increments as it is. The brain retains best when studying for twenty minutes at a time with breaks in between, so what you’re doing is a great method! Regularity in your schedule would most likely help as well, but since that is easier said than done, your current method sounds like it is working well!


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