Week 11 First Impression Post

I feel that the Briggs Myers’ personality test has always been quite accurate for me and known to be accurate for many people. The result of my test was ENTP. I am somewhat of an extrovert, I feel as though I’m more intuitive than sensing, and that I’m more thinking than feeling in my approach to things. I was surprised to see that my biggest percentage was for perceiving over judging; I’ve always considered myself a judgemental person.

The Personality Test Center’s Type Theory assessment told me I am an INFJ. I took both this test and the Briggs Myer’s test consecutively, as well. These results makes me question this website in particular, as I know I have had fairly consistent personality type results in the past coming from the Briggs Myers’ test. I did however agree with the assessment that I have a judging personality.

The Big Five Personality Test ranked intellect and imagination highest for me, then extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and emotional stability, in that order. I find this test to be strange in the particular things it measures. I think intellect and imagination should be separate, and I think agreeableness and conscientiousness are traits too subjective and specific to determine an overall measure for. Emotional stability doesn’t seem like something that can even have a ballpark measurement from the few basic questions about it, like “do you often feel blue?” or “do you have frequent mood swings?”

The color quiz seemed astonishingly accurate in the result it gave me. However it seemed like maybe some of the explanations may just be easy for any person to apply to themselves and their own problems. The website seemed outdated and unprofessional. I even had a friend take the quiz to see how the results varied, and we found that many of the explanations between the two of us were extremely broad and similar, if not the same. All of the personality tests seemed incredibly basic, outdated, and unofficial. I personally believe personality is too complex a topic to classify.





One thought on “Week 11 First Impression Post

  1. It’s really interesting how you scored almost entirely opposite results on the first two tests but still found yourself agreeing to both in some degrees. Does that make you question the validity of these tests in general or of all personality tests? Since personality is a very complex thing, and people are very intricate beings, I find it difficult to label a human down to four letters. Still, scoring completely differently is interesting. I appreciate your analysis of the color test. While it does seem accurate, the answers feel very one-size-fit-all. It was great of you to have a friend take this test as well, that’s a great way to check the validity and consistency of the test and I’m glad you could begin to see through a possibly invalid measure of personality.


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