First Impression: Motivation

The reason I chose to go to Elizabethtown College was because I was awarded a large outside scholarship that lowered my tuition to an extremely small rate. I also chose Elizabethtown College because I knew I would be able to graduate within three years instead of four. The significance of those factors is that I’ll be able to arrive at financial independence and stability sooner in life. Independence and financial security will allow me to meet fulfill my own hierarchy of needs, up to the “esteem needs” point, as I will be able to achieve more and live more freely than I do now. Having money and my own living space will allow me to maintain close relationships and live a less stressful life without worrying about student loans. Most of my friends are also in the grade above me, so moving a year ahead and joining them will contribute to my sense of belonging, which is another big emotional and social motive in life.

To motivate myself in my classes, I focus on all of those things I want to achieve. As long as I keep up my academic performance, I can maintain my academic scholarship and proceed through school at a faster pace so that I can graduate at the same time as my older friends. My plan to help myself succeed and graduate early is to reward myself with weekend trips to see my friends a few times a semester. To be able to do this, I will need to complete my schoolwork ahead of time. This semester, I could’ve done better with doing work, but for the rest of my college career, that plan will have to suffice. My current motivation is to maintain my close friendships, as they will be the most fulfilling thing for me as I work my way through school.




One thought on “First Impression: Motivation

  1. I think you have a great motivational plan to help you succeed and keep your scholarship. That’s great that you are able to graduate in three years. Motivation is a great thing to have in college, without it, it would be tough to succeed in college, or life in general. According to the text book, having motivation comes from discipline and discipline refines talent or success. Researchers have found that an even better predictor of school performance than intelligence scores is self-discipline. That fact is motivational to me, because I might not be the best test taker but I have self-disciple to help me stay motivated to do better on assessments. One wouldn’t be motivated to do anything if they didn’t have discipline. The book also says when completing a task, its easiest to get stuck in the middle, but high achievers, keep going. That definitely motivated me, it is hard to keep going when things get tough but that is what separates unsuccessful people to successful people. From this first impression, I can tell that you have self-discipline and a great plan to help you stay motivated.


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