First Impression: Mental Health Treatment

The Change Direction campaign will be effective so long as its principles are shared with students by schools, classes, and youth organizations. I think the benefit of these resources can only be had if there is effort put into getting its message to young people. In the “about” section of the campaign site, it says that many private sector companies and nonprofits are sharing this information about mental health, to reduce the stigma surrounding it. A strength of the program is that it discusses the “5 Signs” of emotional suffering: personality change, agitation, withdrawal, decline in personal care, and hopelessness. These are all important markers to look out for, as these changes from what is deemed normal behavior can actually indicate a serious emotional issue, even we react passively to them. What it would take for the campaign to be effective would be if it is able to make this information known to young people so that they will remember these things when they start to notice change in themselves or in others. Another strength to the campaign is that it has the support of major companies associated with health, social work, and psychology.

The difficulty in successfully implementing the Change Direction initiative is getting students to listen. I believe at the high school level and below it will be very hard to get a good response from students. At the college level, I believe it would be far better received, as every college student is bound to be under incredible stress, whether it’s because they’re away from home, struggling to make friends, or crumbling under immensely challenging coursework. At Elizabethtown, I strongly believe an awareness campaign would be taken seriously by students and publicized well. To go about this, I think flyers are the simplest way of reaching students. However, I think the most profound method would be for professors to bring up things like mental health and the 5 Signs to students, as they are mostly already inclined to give their professor their full attention. Most of all, I think it’s important to stress the availability of Etown’s counseling services. Etown has great resources for anyone struggling with mental health or anyone trying to help a friend.


2 thoughts on “First Impression: Mental Health Treatment

  1. I agree that this campaign seems like it has potential, if the information it gives is more widespread. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be, at least not by this campaign specifically. That being said, I’ve seen this information from many different sources before “Change Direction”, and I didn’t see anything groundbreaking being done by the organization. With the influential and important people behind the campaign, I think it could work wonders for spreading information about helping with mental disorders, but currently it doesn’t seem to be doing much. I can’t really agree with you that high schoolers wouldn’t receive this information as well. Being one myself I can safely say that mental disorders are more and more becoming an issue that people are seeing, I just think we often don’t know what to do with the information so perhaps guidance with that would be the most helpful thing for people.


  2. I agree, for it to be successful the need to share it to young people. Everyone should be familiar with the 5 symptoms. Mental health disorders are always portray’d as and in the news and reading information will help the viewers realize what mental health disorders actually are. Today there are a lot of teenagers who have mental health disorders and seems to be increasing so the more families and friends know about them the better. Elizabethtown does have a lot of resources that she be used if struggling with a mental health disorder here on campus. Its time to get mental health disorders out in the world!


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